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Alessandra Miller wanted to get into adult modeling, so she checked out SCORE. With her looks and big tits, this hot Latina was just what the boob-lovin' doctor prescribed. Alessandra was ready for both solos and hardcore with guys and girls. She loves role-playing and fantasy sex. Her first hardcore is already done. "I like to look sexy all the time," Alessandra said during this shoot. "Tight skirts, dresses and stretchy tops, bikinis, the highest heels, and sexy lingerie panties and bras underneath. The clothes in my shoots are mine. I have a closet full of them." "I am very assertive in sex. I love oral sex from a guy who knows what he is doing.
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Sally DAngelo - More big, black cock for super-stacked Sally [60PlusMilfs/PornMegaLoad/2017/FullHD]

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Chesty brickhouse Sabrina-Jade gets a call from a guy who's inspecting her property. She lets him in and shows him around the house. They go into the kitchen and chat. She starts talking about her split from her cheating husband. Then she throws a pass at the property inspector, who instantly becomes the big tit inspector. He didn't see that one coming but he's not going to turn down a chance to shag this mature brunette boasting huge, natural tits. Now he's not going to have to go home and wank off thinking about her. The big tit inspector checks out Sabrina-Jade's massive knockers nestled in her low-cut top and cops a feel. He picks up a melon and compares it to her boobs. Impressive! She lies on the stove while he eats her out, then he squirts her nipples with whipped cream and licks it off.
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Lovely Alexsis Faye has an assortment of bras on her bed and she is going to show us how she tests them using her own special methods. They have to hold the weight of her big, firm and heavy boobs, especially in motion, support her comfortably and look sexy too. Alexsis' bra show leads to some juicy hanky-spanky. Alexsis is a talkative, happy girl. Even her voice is very sexy. SCORELAND: Alexsis, when you go out, what do you wear to draw attention to your breasts? Alexsis: I like usually to dress in tight tops that make my boobs look huge and with big decollete. SCORELAND: Do you get a lot of attention because of your chest? Alexsis: I think it's impossible not to pay attention to my chest and I simply love it. SCORELAND: Do you always wear a bra? Alexsis: I always wear a bra when I go outside but if I go to the beach, I like to take the sun topless. SCORELAND: Alexsis, thanks for making the world a better place.
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Texas Rose, 57, is late for work because she had to call the plumber to fix the water pressure in her bathroom. "I know just the problem," he says, so Rose goes to the kitchen and leaves him to do his job. But when she comes back, she catches him in her drawers, sniffing her panties. Some plumber! "Really? What are you doing?" Rose says. "I fixed it," Jimmy says, although that wasn't exactly what Rose was getting at. "So what are you doing with my panties? Do you like these?" "I got a little fetish," he admits. Turns out she does, too. Hey, we thought she had to go to work! Guess not. The plumber knows how to use his pipe. He fucks her face with it, and she bottoms out on his balls.
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