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Milly Marks - Bustin Into SCORELAND [PornMegaLoad/2017/SD]

Milly Marks makes her SCORELAND debut with some holiday sweater-stretchin' and Milly has the natural 36H boobs to do the job right. We found 20-year-old Milly in Texas and wasted no time setting up her photo shoots. "I started to develop in elementary school," said Milly, "long before the majority of the girls my age did. I was definitely known as the girl with the biggest titties in school. I've always had funny nicknames because of them." Milly lives in an interesting household, the kind that most of us have had daydreams about. "I live in a house full of strippers so we are always having fun. In my free time, I like to hang out with my roommates." Milly Marks: a great new discovery bustin' into SCORELAND! .
Mischel Lee - Deep In The Bush [Pornmegaload/2014/FullHD]
Codi Vore  - Good Enough To Eat [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

Codi Vore needs bikini advice. How do her big natural tits look in this bikini? The pleasure is in watching beautiful Codi wiggle in and out of it, showing off her lovely, stacked bod. Talk about good enough to eat! Figuratively speaking. Now would Codi wear this to the beach or to a pool? Curious minds want to know. Codi loves her tits. We applaud that, as best we can with one hand. "I think my boobs are great," said Codi. "In middle school, that was what people knew me as, the big-boobed girl, and I've always tried to keep that from happening again. I'm a lot more than my boobs, but some people have a hard time looking past them. "While I think my tits are awesome and I have no trouble showing them, I find that I am more respected when they aren't on display.
Demmy Blaze - Bikini Demmy [PornMegaLoad/2017/FullHD]

Demmy Blaze is a living doll. No bikini can contain those massive mams..and don't we just love that! Much better than this beauty wearing a one-piece that covers too much skin. "I am loving what I am doing now," Demmy said. "I love the traveling. Becoming a model has given me this. I would not have been able to have new experiences if I did not make this decision." Showing her world-class naturals is a new path for Demmy. "I always liked to make pics but I did not think of it as a career. It is my hobby. Now I can do what I enjoy and it supports me. I do not think of this as work or a job.
Lucie - Tiny Pixie Fuck Doll [NaughtyMag/2017/FullHD]

Do you like pint-sized teens? Do you want to fuck a girl who can suck a cock the width of her wrist? Would you give anything to lock down a piece of ass who is bisexual, willing to involve you in a threeway, has a crush on that dumpy dude Seth Rogan, and describes anal sex as "very nice?" Meet Lucie. She's 19, grew up on a reservation in Nevada, stands 4'11" tall, and weighs 91 pounds. She's goofy, sexual, and willing to try anything once. "When I was younger, I would show off to all of the guys on my rez that I can eat an entire cupcake in one bite. It wasn't until I was a little older that I realized they were all fantasizing about me deepthroating their cock when I did that. Surprisingly enough, it was good practice! The first time I sucked a dick, I took it all the way into my mouth and swallowed his cum like that. "I'm into BDSM sex and I love having my asshole licked and fucked while I'm tied down. It's liberating to not have any power and just allow myself to feel good and cum as much as possible. It's easy for guys to take control of me because I'm so small, so I guess it's a good thing that I'm a submissive in the bedroom!".
Val Kambel - Vals Back For Anal! [PornMegaLoad/2014/HD]
Alli Rae - Blue-Eyed Beauty! [Pornmegaload/201/FullHD]
Codi Vore - Vore For Score [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

The fantabulous Codi Vore is on her laptop camming as usual. Codi gets worked-up and needs to cum. Typing and cumming at the same time is a little difficult so cumming cums first. "Bras are uncomfortable so if I'm at home, I'm almost never wearing one," Codi explained. "I have to wear a bra when I go out, though, because otherwise none of my clothes would fit right." Codi has some pretty unusual sexual interests. She gets her surname from one of those interests. "In real life, I'm very assertive. So I'm very blunt about hook-ups and flirting. In the bedroom, I am a passive, submissive girl. A rough fuck, a creampie and cuddles is very satisfying to me.
Patty Michova - Call A Girl [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

Steve needs a girl for the night so he calls an escort agency. Why leave the house and bar hop when a phone is his best friend? He orders an escort with big boobs. The only place she's going to escort him is to his bedroom. When she shows up at his apartment, it's juggy jackpot time because Steve has won the big boob bonanza. His party girl turns out to be a slim and stacked brunette knockout. After inspecting her body from head to toe, Steve relaxes on the couch. There's no time for small talk. His house guest checks him out too by sucking on his thick boner, filling her magic throat as deep as she can, licking and going down on the bloated shaft until it hits the back of her throat. She makes pleasure sounds as her lips wrap around the chubby and she drools all over it. Cupping her tits together, she readies her cleavage for a tit-fucking.
Maya Milano - Maya Milano Returns [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

Maya Milano is back after more than a year out of the picture and she's looking even bustier and sexier than ever. Her return show is loaded with lots of boobs and pussy close-ups, tit-squeezing and squishing. Her nipples are already erect when she takes them out of her tight bra. "I have very sensitive breasts," Maya said to our translator. "Anything, any friction or rubbing against my bras or my tops makes my nipples hard. They are sensitive." Those breasts really are fantastic. This gorgeous knockout has been blessed in many ways by nature and heredity. When Maya began in 2004, she didn't show much open leg. As time went on, Maya loosened up on-camera. Now she's rubbing her clit with the camera a few inches away.
Natasha Sweet - Skeet For Sweet [PornMegaLoad/2017/FullHD]

Natasha Sweet is a very demanding boss to work under but Thomas is up for the job, as would we all. Natasha might have the biggest natural tits in the international business world. Being the owner of her company, Natasha gets her way or it's the highway. Thomas has no complaints--even when she plays her game of teasing and taunting him--because he knows she will ultimately reward him for the torture and frustration she puts him through. One of Natasha's favorite things to do is take her huge hangers out of her dress, lean over his lap, dangle her pendulous clappers and suck his cock at the same time she's squeezing it between those big ones. What a great job perk. Her approach to tit-fucking is very thorough and exacting. There's still some time before Natasha has her weekly board meeting so after she has her mouthful of morning sausage, she wants to get fucked hard. Switching places with Thomas, she lies back and opens wide so he can fill and pump her beautiful pussy. It's no surprise Natasha's company gets so many resumes that include dick pics.
Savana Blue - Adult Education [PornMegaLoad/2017/FullHD]

Savana Blue is bored. The plump little sexpot and her classmate are having a study session at her place and Savana is bored. She wants to have some kicks. No more books. No more teachers. She wants dirty looks. This is a girl who thinks about sex most of the day and dreams about it during the other eight hours. Peter is bored too. Bored stiff. They decide to study each others' bodies instead of the lesson plan.
Milly Marks - Hottie Boombalottie [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

Longtime member CVN commented on the Blog: "Milly is truly a vision, with a milky complexion and a bountiful figure that seem a perfect match for the holidays. I hope that she'll be making frequent appearances here at SCORELAND!" The 36HH beauty is back for a second appearance, this time wearing, and peeling off, a sheer body suit that clings to her traffic-stopping figure like a second skin. Lots of breast play is the name of the game in this scene. Milly can suck her nipples, something most girls can't do. "I feel that having big boobs, I've never been able to be picky about bras," said Milly. "I just kinda buy whatever comes close to fitting me the best. However, I'm usually pretty happy when I find something lacy and black because that's what makes me feel sexy." Anything Milly wears that makes her feel sexy works for us. Whatever she puts on, a dress, a bikini, a sweater, or just the wind, Milly is one hottie boombalottie. .
Tia Clegg - Tia Is A Babe [PornMegaLoad/2017/HD]

British SCORELAND members will know Tia Clegg from Babestation, the UK TV sex lines show that lets viewers communicate with foxy presenters through text or phone. It's kind of an acceptable way of making a dirty phone call to a girl while you watch her on TV. Daniella Levy is also on Babestation. There's nothing like it in the States. Usually in bed or on a couch, the girls will hold a phone in one hand and play with their bodies with the other, getting into different fuck-me poses, sometimes using a toy. This is her first time at SCORELAND. A beauty contest winner, professional dancer, webcam girl and extra (the Brit TV show Hollyoaks), Tia has an unusual point of view about guys. SCORELAND: What makes you laugh the hardest? Tia: A guy with a very bad temper as I find they are the best in bed. SCORELAND: So what turns you on? Tia: It turns me on when a guy ignores me. It makes me want him more.
Nadia Night - Nadia`s first scene is a pisser! [PornMegaLoad/2016/FullHD]

Nadia Night is taking a shower when the plumber shows up. He knocks on the door and walks into her apartment. "I'm here for the plumbing," he says. You're damn right he is. "I'm in here," she says. He walks toward her bathroom. "Your plumbing seems fine," he says. "Are you sure you need my assistance?" "Yeah, come in here," she says. "Cover up. I'm coming in." He comes in.
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