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Rico Simmons, Anna Polina, Ricky Mancini, Lucy Heart, Cara Saint-Germain - Cara and Lucy, Escorts De Luxe / Cara et Lucy, Escortes De Luxe [Dorcel/2016/WEBRip/HD]

Bambi, Kathia Nobili - Punish me! [MightyMistress/2010/HD]
Various Aktris - Naughty Fist, Squirting Piss [Zoliboy/2012/FullHD]
Lien Parker, Silvie Sunny - Lesbian Love In The Tub [OldYoungLesbianLove/2017/HD]
Nancy A, Sybil A - Sea View [SexArt/2017/FullHD]

Blonde beauty Nancy A and her sexy friend Sybil A are frolicking in the ocean as Andrej Lupin’s sizzling hot “Sea View” begins. The girls are vacationing in Mallorca, a sun-kissed island off the coast of Spain, and the temperature is rising. Back at their apartment they kiss lovingly, and soon get naked. Gorgeous Sybil takes the lead, squeezing and fondling Nancy’s big, beautiful breasts. Nancy responds by sucking on the puffy nipples of Sybil’s equally ample tits; Sybil flops back on the bed and wallows in the attention, sighing with pleasure when Nancy begins to lick her shaved pussy. She gasps as Nancy’s tongue flicks in and out of her slippery slit, getting even louder when her girlfriend stuffs two fingers into her wet pussy and fucks her skilfully while lapping at her clit. With her fingers still inside Sybil’s snatch, Nancy moves into spoons, kissing her voraciously. She finger drills her lover faster and faster, until Sybil loses control and her entire body convulses as she orgasms. With Nancy in doggy position, her gorgeous ass thrust high, Sybil sucks her pussy lips greedily from behind, then spit-lubes a finger and slides it into her wet slot, Nancy thrusts back to drive Sybil’s finger deeper. They switch into scissors, grinding together, the sound of their wet flesh and moans of excitement flooding the room. A string of orgasms leaves them both flushed and breathless, but the insatiable girls still aren’t done; Sybil finger-bangs Nancy to another climax before they kiss tenderly, finally sated. Be sure to watch through the cute closing credits…
Sandy, Tasha Reign - Bondage Fantasy [ClubSandy/2012/FullHD]
Bibi Noel, Eve Angel - The Breaking In Of Bibi, Part 1 [HouseOfTaboo/2012/FullHD]
Melanie Memphis, Antonia - Girls Hungry For Toes! [HotLegsAndFeet/2012/HD]
Monique - Wet And Hot [XLgirls/2017/FullHD]

"I've never been ashamed of my body and I never had a problem being naked," said Monique. "I don't think anybody should. I think a naked body is really beautiful, so why not show it? If other people enjoy it, even better, and if they don't, don't look! "For some reason, all my friends have big boobs. But they still tease me! Like, when we go to a restaurant, my boobs are always right there resting right on the table. My friends have, like, double Ds and they always say I make them look like they have A cups. I get a lot of people saying, 'Oh my God!" Monique remains very active on the BBW scene. Does she get recognized from her modeling? "Actually, I went to the drugstore and I had a big thing of toilet paper in my hand and this guy goes, 'You look really familiar. Are you on the Internet?' I said yes, and he said, 'Oh my god, you're Monique!' There I am with my big thing of toilet paper, saying, 'Yeah, thanks, gotta go!'".
Alyssa Cole, Briana Banks - My First Sex Teacher [MyFirstSexTeacher/2017/SD]

An easy way for broke college students to make money: steal the answers to all assignments, quizzes and tests from Professor Briana Banks’s classroom, then sell them to all the students taking her classes! That’s the idea Chad White and Alyssa Cole have, and it seems to be working out perfectly…until Professor Banks walks in and catches them red-handed! Where she once trusted Alyssa with the keys to her classroom, she’s now about to go to the dean. Unless! There’s always a catch. Professor Banks is willing to pretend nothing ever happened if Alyssa gives Chad a sloppy blowjob right there in the classroom. The students are a bit confused and surprised, but would rather fuck then get fucked! To top it off, Professor Banks joins in on the fun for a little classroom threesome with her students!
Bibi Noel, Eve Angel - The Breaking In Of Bibi, Part 1 [HouseOfTaboo/2012/FullHD]
Alex Magni, Secco Ducale, Regina Di Faenza, Stella Rubino - Stella Monella [Cento X Cento/2017/WEBRip/SD]

Tarisa(50), Catia(18) - Lesbo [Old-and-Young-Lesbians/2011/HD]
Various Artist - Pissing Day [ColorClimax/2012/HD]
Tracy Lindsay, Eileen Sue - Blonde And Brunette [GentleDesire/2017/FullHD]
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